Are you a
Fitness Coach facing these challenges?

Learn the 3 principles of Warrior Fitness from a 7th generation Warrior Guru that will transform your fitness levels to a new high and get your clients hooked to your fitness coaching forever.

7 day live workshop starts from
2nd January 2021

Train your clients to reach their fitness goals in the most effective way


Business Owners

Agency Owners

Trainers & Mentors

Self employed

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Do you face any of the following problems and need a solution?

Clients lose motivation to train

regularly due to the pain and fatigue post training.

Finding it challenging to help the clients recover

from injuries caused during the training.

Clients quitting your service

because you are not able to deliver on all counts of fitness parameters.

Experiencing self burn-out or exhaustion

 due to the lack of internal health related to various systems in the body

Get started today with your fitness transformation

Next batch starting from 2nd January 2021

Video Testimonials

Karthik Vilwanathan

Traditional Fitness & Karlakattai Coach, UK

“Asan does the entire one hour session with you, so watching and doing the exercises with Asan is like drawing energy from your teacher and helps you push yourself and learn the same.”

Here's What You Will Learn Inside The Workshop

Stage #1

90 min live session with Grandmaster Jothi which would consist of introduction, learning about the 3 principles of fitness and understanding the practice and what to expect as a result, question and answers and a 45 min practice session with Master.

Stage #2

Live online Meipadam practice with Master Jothi. Meipadam helps a person to progressively understand their body, release tensions and calm stress.

Stage #3

60 mins session with Grandmaster Jothi regarding how you can achieve mastery over applying these techniques for advanced traditional fitness practices like Karlakattai, question and answer session and live online Mei Padam practice with Master Jothi.

Meet your trainer

Master Jothi Senthil Kannan

Over the last 25 years of his teaching career Master Jothi has traveled to over 35 countries and trained close to a million students from various fields like fitness, competitive sports, modern and traditional martial arts, combat and defence forces, modern contemporary dance and ancient healing therapies. He was trained since the age of 5 by his paternal grandfather, a warrior guru himself in traditional warrior arts like silambam (weapons training), karlakattai, archery, malyutham (grappling) and Kuthuvarisai (hand-to-hand combat). Over the last two decades, with his rigorous training and discipline he has accomplished an authoritative and recognised status as a warrior artist and a healer all over the world. As of today, Master Jothi runs probably the only Kshakthiriya Gurukulam (Warrior School) in India to preserve and spread the art of ancient Pallava warriors.

1 M+
students trained
years of experience
1 M+
students trained
years of experience

By the end of the MeiPadam Introduction Course you will be able to

Next batch starting from 2nd January 2021

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